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Home Heating Systems in Central VA

We install energy efficient home heating systems throughout Virginia

A programmable thermostat for your Virginia home

In most areas of the country, heating expenses consume a large part of a family's annual energy budget. The prices we pay for our main heating energy sources --oil heating, gas heating, wood heating, and electric heating-- are continuing to rise. That's why it's more and more important to have a heating system that performs efficiently, so it doesn't waste the fuel we are paying for.

A number of factors determine the efficiency of your heating system. For starters, we know that by improving a home's insulation and airtightness, it's possible to reduce the demand for heat because less heat will leak out through your home's ceilings and walls. Beyond these improvements, heating system efficiency depends on the type of heat being used and the efficiency of the heating appliance in use.

HVAC Contractor in Virginia

We are your local authority in heating and cooling system installation and service. Find out more about our home heating and cooling services, such as our furnace repairs and boiler repairs. Contact us with any questions and to schedule for a heater repair or heating system upgrade in Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Jeffersonton, Earlysville, Culpepper, Madison, Keswick, Rixeyville, Rapidan, Palmyra, Stanardsville, Locust Grove, and the nearby area.

We offer many varieties of home heating including heat pumps and boilers, forced air, radiant, oil, natural gas and propane gas heating in Virginia.

Dr. Energy Saver Central Virginia can service your heating system to ensure maximum efficiency.

We will also provide a free quote for replacing an old, inefficient heating system with a state-of-the-art system that will save money and improve comfort. Our heating repairs can get your systems running back to normal in no time. Call or email to arrange for a Free Estimate!

Programmable Thermostat: a smart upgrade for any heating system

Replacing an old-fashioned thermostat with a programmable model is a recommended upgrade that will save energy and money just about all year round. A programmable thermostat can store time and temperature settings so that the HVAC system can "rest" or operate at minimum levels when the house is unoccupied, or when family members are sleeping at night. You don't have to remember to turn down the heat to save money; the thermostat can do it for you.

Different programmable thermostat models allow you to store HVAC system settings for weekdays, weekends, or even different settings for each day. Dr. Energy Saver Central Virginia can select the model that best suits your HVAC system and your lifestyle.

Start Saving Energy and Money with a Home Heating Repair or Upgrade

Contact us today for a Free Estimate! We are your trusted HVAC contractor in Fredericksburg, Earlysville, Charlottesville, Jeffersonton, Spotsylvania, Rixeyville, Locust Grove, Rapidan, Palmyra, Keswick, Madison, Stanardsville, Culpepper and all nearby areas. As your local heating and cooling company, we provide professional installations of home heating systems, as well as boiler and furnace repairs. We also provide a home energy audit to identify those causes of discomfort and energy issues within your home.

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