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basement insulation

Installation of Basement Insulation in Central VA

Our insulation services can improve the comfort of your basement

Basement Insulation Rim Joists in Earlysville

Insulate the rim joist. The edge of the house where the floor framing rests on the foundation is a major source of air leakage and energy loss.

To solve this problem, we typically seal and insulate the rim joist.

Here a combination of rigid foam and spray foam insulation is used, with special care taken to seal around a plumbing pipe that penetrates the rim joist.

Many houses have basement and crawl space foundations, but very few houses have foundation insulation. Instead of insulating foundation walls, most builders elect to install fiberglass batt insulation between the floor joists in the basement or crawl space.

Using fiberglass batt insulation anywhere in a basement or crawl space is not a wise choice. The batts can easily fall out of place from between joists, and they do nothing to stop energy-wasting air leakage that brings outside air into the house. The paper facing on fiberglass batt insulation provides a perfect place for mold to grow if there's moisture in the air.

Today, building scientists know that houses perform better when basement and crawlspace walls are air-sealed and insulated. These upgrades improve not just home energy efficiency but also building durability and indoor air quality.

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Expert insulation services for your below-grade space

Whether your house has a crawl space, a basement or both, don't settle for damp, moldy space beneath your house. Dr. Energy Saver can transform basements and crawl spaces with a full range of improvements, from air sealing to home insulation and more in Virginia.

Rigid foam is a smart basement insulation solution

Dr. Energy Saver was called to help transform the basement of a 100-year-old house into an energy efficient and comfortable space with insulation and replacement windows.

The first step in any basement or crawl space insulation upgrade is to seal the rim joist that extends around the perimeter of the foundation. Cracks in the rim joist, along with clearance holes for plumbing and electric lines cause major air leakage and energy loss.

Dr. Energy Saver can seal all these leaks with spray foam or a combination of rigid foam and spray foam.

After sealing the rim joist, we will insulate foundation walls with rigid foam insulation. The SilverGlo™ foam insulation boards, used exclusively by Dr. Energy Saver dealers, outperform other brands of rigid foam insulation. They are faced with a radiant barrier that increases wintertime energy savings by reflecting heat back toward the living space.

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We also offer a comprehensive home energy audit, which we use to fully diagnose the causes of your home's energy issues.

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