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how air ductwork operates within a Madison home

Attic ductwork Many ductwork systems combine flexible ducts with rigid sheet metal ductwork, as shown here. The uninsulated sheet metal duct has no protection from extreme attic temperatures that make the HVAC system work harder and longer than necessary.

Your ductwork system has an important job: distributing air that has been "conditioned" (heated or cooled) by your HVAC system throughout the house so that your living space can be at the right temperature. Supply Ducts transport conditioned air from your furnace or air handler to different rooms or hallways.

A separate system of Return Ductwork brings air back to the furnace or air handler to be reconditioned.

In theory, a ductwork system sounds fairly basic. But there are several problems that shouldn't be allowed to persist because of their adverse effects on your comfort, health and utility costs.  

Ductwork problems

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Dr. Energy Saver helps homeowners save energy! We offer ductwork in Spotsylvania Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, and nearby! From duct cleaning and maintenance, we do it all!

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diagram of how air ductwork operates within a Madison home

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Up to 40% of the energy usage of your HVAC system could be wasted by duct leakage. It's extremely important that you include ductwork testing and evaluationin your home energy checkup.

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