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aeroseal duct sealing

Aeroseal Air Duct Sealing in Central VA


Airtight comfort. The Aeroseal ducting sealing process seals up to 90 percent of leaks from the inside using a safe adhesive.

The air ducts in your home are essential for delivering and distributing heated air in the winter and cooled air in the summer to each room throughout the building. Unfortunately, those air ducts that circulate your conditioned air lose valuable energy through hundreds of tiny holes and gaps. In fact, all of those small leaks can add up to up to a 30- to 40-percent energy loss.

Sealing ducts once they have been installed has always been a hit-or-miss proposition for homeowners. While it’s possible to seal gaps and holes with reinforced tapes and mastic as the sections are being connected or where ducts are accessible, it’s not nearly as easy once they’re installed. Ducts may be inside walls, floors, or ceilings; crammed into attic eaves; strapped to framing; and wrapped or buried under mounds of insulation.

Fortunately, there's a way to seal ducts from within! It’s called the Aeroseal duct sealing system and was developed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Holes and cracks up to 5/8-in. wide can be sealed, and air leakage may be reduced by up to 90 percent! Contact Dr. Energy Saver to request a free estimate to have your air ducts sealed with Aeroseal.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your ductwork is tested to measure the current leakage and to determine whether they are a candidate for sealing.
  2. Registers are sealed off.
  3. A blower is used to pressurize the ducts as an aerosol blast of tiny adhesive particles is released.
  4. The particles remain suspended until they reach a leak. As the particles try to escape, they attach to the crack or hole.
  5. Gradually, enough particles build up to seal the leak.
  6. A second test is done to measure the effectiveness of the sealing treatment.

Sealant safety


You wouldn’t want to spray anything into ductwork that can possibly create a hazard or damage your home, right? Rest assured...the sealant used in the Aeroseal system is UL-Listed for smoke generation and flame spread. The UL test also shows no mold growth or erosion. The material in the Aeroseal system consists of water and two chemicals that have been used in water-based paints, adhesives, and hair spray. In addition, the sealant is odorless, won’t develop cracks, and carries a 10-year warranty!

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